How To Create a Chat Room in PUBG Mobile

How To Create a Chat Room in PUBG Mobile?

How To Create a Chat Room in PUBG Mobile?

In this tutorial, we will explain how to create a chat room in PUBG Mobile. It is a very important function if you are going to play as a team and want to have private conversations.

Chat room at PUBG Mobile – What for?

A chat room in PUBG mobile allows you to have private conversations between members of the chat room. So as I’m sure you already guessed, it’s very useful for team communications.

If you want only your colleagues to find out about certain conversations, you need to create and use a chat room.

It is very basic functionality, and that almost any gamer of PUBG on PC already knows how to use it. Although if you are playing from mobile or cell phone, you may not know how to create it

Chat room at PUBG Mobile – How to create it?

The first thing is to have a team, something as simple as adding friends to the game. And then, under the team menu, you will see an option called room or room (in English).

The normal thing would be to think that pressing “room” would lead us to create it. But no, for some reason it gives an error, it is not done that way.

What you should do is go to the messages tab and find the menu of the global chat room.

From there you can see all the rooms where you are, and among them, you will see one of your team. If there is not also you must create it from where you are.

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