How to Delete Fortnite Account

How to Delete and Remove Fortnite Account

How to delete an account in Fortnite and the game itself from the computer to forget about it forever:

Does your child sit up in some “rinks” instead of hovering over homework? Or do you understand that the desire to play a couple of rounds before bed develops into an obsession with TOP-1, a dozen matches and perpetual lack of sleep?

Then you should urgently remove Fortnight from your computer – and your account at the same time! Together with the game progress and files, the desire to jump off the bus and wave a pickaxe will disappear for a long time. Perhaps forever.

How to Delete Fortnite Account
How to Delete Fortnite Account

Removing a game account:

First, it is worth erasing the client of the game, the benefit is to make it quite simple:

  1. Go to the Windows Control Panel. There look for “Programs and components”. In the list that appears, find “Epic Games Launcher” – delete it. Without this program, the game does not start.
  2. Next to find a folder with the game. If you do not know where it is located, then use the search on the conductor. Search for the word “FortniteGame”. When the system finds this folder, right-click on it and click “Open folder location”. You will see two folders – that “FortniteGame” and “Engine”. Destroy both.
  3. After that it is worth clearing a basket.
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Account deleting:

This is already a difficult task – you just cannot delete a Fortnight account. We’ll have to contact technical support.

You can get complete Apk guide on

Click on the purple “Contact us” button.

A window will open where you need to specify your problem. Specify the name and mail to which the account is registered, select the platform on which the gamer played, and indicate the request to delete the account in Fortnight.

  • After that send a letter. The answer will come to the specified e-mail. If you do not have access to it, remember – reading someone else’s correspondence is unethical. Except when your child tires a credit card and spends money on some  Galaxy skin from Fortnight  – in this case, you need to take the bull by the horns.

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