How to play PUBG Mobile on PC?

How to play PUBG Mobile on PC

How to play PUBG Mobile on PC?

We explain how to play PUBG Mobile on PC. The Battle Royale for Android and iOS mobile from Tencent Games has finally arrived and can also be played on PC.

How to play PUBG Mobile on PC?

PUBG Mobile is the mobile version of the successful Tencent title. The truth is that it arrives with a lot of competition and very well positioned, from practical copies, although very successful, such as Free Fire Battlegrounds or Rules of Survival, to Fortnite-style alternatives such as the Fortnite mobile itself or FortCraft.

Although PUBG deserves its credit if battle royale is everywhere today it is thanks to PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds. So the mobile version of Tencent could be said to be, finally, the official version.

You may not have it yet in your country, although it should not take long to arrive. In any case, whether or not it is the same.

What you already have is the mod Apk on, so you do not have to wait for anything else.

Advantages of playing PUBG Mobile on PC

PUBG Mobile is perfectly adapted to touch screen. So if you’re doing well on your phone, we will not be the ones who say you should switch to PC.

But like in any other Battle Royale and in any other shooter, playing from PC can be quite advantageous.

Besides it is easier to point with a mouse and having a hand on the keyboard instead of a thumb on the screen gives you many more options, there are often differences in performance. If you notice lag, slow down, or suffer from connection problems, it is very likely that you are at a disadvantage compared to anyone playing from a computer or PC.

That is, normally the performance will be better, you will aim faster and you can make combinations of buttons in less time.

Another advantage that is usually given is related to sound. Play on PC or mobile, we recommend using helmets. And normally the sound is much sharper in PC than in mobile. Click here

Steps to play PUBG Mobile on PC

To play PUBG Mobile on PC you need an emulator and maybe the APK.

PUBG Mobile – Download / APK

Here you can see how to  download the game, as you will see you have two alternatives:

If you have already reached your play sore, you connect from the emulator and download it. If this is not the case, download the apk to your PC or computer and then install it on your computer.

You already see that you choose the option you choose, you need an emulator, so we give you a little guidance:

PUBG Mobile – Emulator

If you are not very set we recommend some of the  best emulators for Android on PC  currently. Any of them will work for you, although if we continue with so many options without solving your choice, for simplicity, we recommend BlueStacks or Nox

With the emulator installed on your computer and the downloaded apk, the next thing is to install it in the emulator. It is very simple, and once you do, you could play, although you will see that the controls do not respond as you would expect.

You have to configure the keyboard. It is quite intuitive, although if you get stuck, in the link of the best emulators, we also leave you a couple of tutorials so you can configure it quickly.

And yes, you can now play PUBG Mobile on PC. Probably as you play you have to make some more adjustment, but nothing that at this point will cost you.

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