How to Run in PUBG Mobile Game?

How to Run in PUBG Mobile Game

How to Run in PUBG Mobile Game?

In case you are still looking for the sprint button, we explain how to run in PUBG Mobile, and how to make your character run automatically.

How to run in PUBG Mobile?

Although you can talk about success in the touch screen adaptation of PUBG Mobile, there are certain issues that may be driving you crazy, and running is one of them.

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It usually does not take much to understand what the buttons are to perform almost all the actions, but there is no button to run.

Running in PUBG Mobile – Joystick

You have the joystick to the left of your screen and with it, you can scroll in the direction you want.

But if you want to run, you have to keep it pressed in one direction, until the sprint is activated.

And if you want to sprint faster, you can also tap the joystick by exiting the circumference. In both cases, you will activate the sprint and from there you can run everything you want.

Running in PUBG Mobile – Sprint icon (green)

The activation of the sprint starts with the appearance of a green icon.

If you press it, your character will run automatically thereafter, and even the doors will open at your pace unless someone has closed them.

So you can stop looking for the running button. Just focus on mastering the movements of the joystick to increase your speed whenever you want.

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